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End of Life Arrangements

Saying goodbye to your loved one is one of the hardest things we do as both pet owners and as your veterinarian. The term euthanasia is Greek for “good death.” As hard as it is to say goodbye to our beloved pets, we believe that is can also be one on the greatest gifts we can give them when their quality of life has depleted. We believe that it is a luxury to have the option of euthanasia to prevent or stop suffering. We know that this decision is very personal and not everyone has the same beliefs, so we will accommodate to you and your pet’s needs and work together to come up with the best plan to keep your pet comfortable. At Magnolia Springs Veterinary Center we do our best to make the last moments with your pet as comfortable and peaceful as possible. We do this by giving sedation and pain medication to your pet when they come in. When they are comfortable and relaxed, we then given an IV injection which helps your pet peacefully slip away.

After your pet has passed on, you will have several aftercare options from which to choose. You can choose to take your pet home and arrange aftercare yourself (make sure to check with local city and town ordinances if you choose this option). The most common option is cremation. You can choose for this procedure to be done either privately and have the ashes returned to you (Private Cremation) or you can choose to not receive the ashes (Communal Cremation). For additional questions and costs of these services please give us a call.

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When you and your pet visit the Magnolia Springs Veterinary Center, you’ll meet our knowledgeable and compassionate staff which provides quality veterinary services in  local Sturtevant, WI and surrounding area near me searches for those looking for a Racine Vet, Kenosha Vet, Oak Creek Veterinarian, Waterford WI Vet or Burlington WI Veterinary Clinic. Through our comprehensive care, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, reproductive services, traditional and alternative healthcare, training and behavior counseling and the care of senior pets we strive for excellence in pet care. We strongly encourage and focus on preventative healthcare — our ultimate goal is to help animals live the long, happy and healthy lives they deserve with their loving owners.

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