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Freyja’s Story

“When I adopted Freyja, she was an anxious mess. She was nervous around people, dogs, everyone! She would roll on her back and submissive pee if you walked too fast towards her, snark and growl at vets for touching her abdomen and I would never trust her around kids with how nervous she was with them. We’ve been getting acupuncture for close to a year now and it has completely changed how she is! She’s much more confident and now loves to go out shopping with us, even letting complete strangers pet her! She’s begun to play with our other dogs and has even learned to trust and love Dr. McCoy. Our first session, she wouldn’t let Dr. McCoy near her feet or abdomen, now she can go wherever she needs with no fuss from Freyja! After every session she seems less anxious and more confident. It’s so great to finally see the 2 year old pup she is actually having the confidence and excitement a younger dog should!”

Allie’s Story

Allie (16 year old Shih Tzu) has been receiving animal manipulation for over 2 years.  However, she was not eating well, still appeared to be in pain with hip and arthritis issues, and was sleeping more and more.  Almost to the point we thought we may be seeing the end of her life.  In addition to the manipulation, we introduced acupuncture with Dr McCoy on a weekly basis for the past 4 weeks.  After each treatment she was eating better and was demonstrating some of her younger behaviors. Attached are a couple of pictures showing one of her “eating frenzies”.  Many thanks to Dr McCoy with her help to maintain Allie’s good quality of life.

Sophie’s Story

Sophie is an older rescue dog from an abusive background who has severe luxating patellas (back knee joints that pop in and out). Because she has had to accommodate for this, her back and hips twist when she walks and sits. Her front legs have had to work harder to support her weight. She has chronic pain and had reached her maximum dosages of pain medications. Despite all this she is a friendly and happy girl with an obvious zest for life! We first saw Dr. McCoy after we heard that she offered alternative/additional treatments for pain management for dogs with arthritis and joint problems. After just one session with Dr. McCoy, Sophie was walking straighter, sitting more normally and wanted to play outside in the snow for the first time in 3 years. It was pretty amazing!

We started treatment with once a week sessions and now follow up every month or so. Recently she began chewing on her front leg and turning her paw inward when she walked. It clearly was hurting. Dr. McCoy was able to release some adhesions in her wrist and after just one treatment she is no longer chewing or turning in. Clearly chiropractic treatment is part of the answer for Sophie. She will always have bad knees and arthritis but she now has a much better quality of life. I wish these treatments had been available to her much earlier in her life. 

Cathy Allison

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