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Laser Therapy

One of the most gentle, effective and exciting treatment options we offer for your pet is our Class IV MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Laser Therapy. This is a non-surgical therapy laser that we use daily for conditions from arthritis and wound healing to organ and immune support. It is one of our best tools to rehabilitate cells when possible and help them function better.  MLS Laser Therapy involves treating specific areas on the body with certain frequencies that promote more efficient healthy cell reproduction and function. It is non-invasive, well-tolerated, and very effective.


Some of the many ways that Class IV MLS Laser Therapy heals:

  • Reduces inflammation and enhances tissue healing through vasodilation and lymphatic drainage
  • Blocks pain transmitted by nerve cells, as well as increase production of endorphins
  • Increases the amount of energy available to cells so they can repair themselves faster
  • Increases oxygenation of tissues for red blood cells
  • Stimulates fibroblast development (the building blocks of collagen) in damaged tissue, which is especially helpful post-surgery and in wound and/or burn treatment
  • Increases the formation of new capillaries, thereby speeding up the healing process, closing wounds quickly, and reducing scar tissue

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When you and your pet visit the Magnolia Springs Veterinary Center, you’ll meet our knowledgeable and compassionate staff which provides quality veterinary services in  local Sturtevant, WI and surrounding area near me searches for those looking for a Racine Vet, Kenosha Vet, Oak Creek Veterinarian, Waterford WI Vet or Burlington WI Veterinary Clinic. Through our comprehensive care, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, reproductive services, traditional and alternative healthcare, training and behavior counseling and the care of senior pets we strive for excellence in pet care. We strongly encourage and focus on preventative healthcare — our ultimate goal is to help animals live the long, happy and healthy lives they deserve with their loving owners.

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