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From thunderstorms to fireworks, there are a variety of loud noises that can be scary for your pet. Unfortunately, these noises frequently occur during the summer months, and it’s essential to make sure your pet is prepared. Planning ahead and taking some precautions can help address your pet’s anxiety and prepare them for summer booms. At Magnolia Springs Animal Hospital, we are here to help you prepare your pet and help them enjoy a fear-free summer. 

Let’s get started! 

Understanding Noise Aversion

Noise aversion is a serious problem in pets and is more common than you think. Many pets experience anxiety due to loud and unexpected sounds. However, the severity of the condition can drastically vary. 

In some cases, you may notice your pet gets mildly anxious and may pace or hide during a thunderstorm. Pets with more severe cases of noise aversion can become destructive and may even injure themselves during episodes of high stress and panic. Regardless of the severity, you should always take your pet’s noise aversion seriously. Getting your pet the appropriate care can prevent the condition from worsening and is critical for their well-being.

Being Aware and Planning Ahead 

If you know your pet has a noise aversion, it’s essential to plan ahead and be mindful of any potential summer booms. While these events are sometimes unexpected, raising your awareness can help you anticipate trouble and prepare your pet accordingly. 

Some of the easiest events to predict are fireworks celebrations on the Fourth of July and other summer holidays. You can check your local events calendar or talk to your neighbors to get a better idea of when the noise will start. This will help you plan your night and give you time to prepare your pet. 

Unfortunately, thunderstorms are often more challenging to predict and typically occur more frequently. However, checking your local weather forecast can be a significant help. Even if the chance of a storm is slight, it’s better to get your pet ready than to let the storm catch you by surprise.

Creating a Quiet Space

The best way to prepare your pet for a noise event is to create a safe space for them to go and get away from the noise. You can use an interior room or bathroom away from exterior doors and windows. This will lessen the noise and decrease their exposure to any visual stimuli, such as lightning, that they may associate with the boom. Additionally, turning on a fan or other form of white noise can help drown out the booms and create a calming effect. 

How We Can Help 

In some cases, your pet may benefit from calming medications or supplements. Our team at Magnolia Springs is happy to discuss your pet’s noise aversion and make recommendations based on your pet’s unique needs. These therapies are most effective when given in advance of a noise event and combined with other environmental modifications to ease your pet’s anxiety. While calming medications may not be the answer for all pets, they can be very useful in certain situations. 

Final Thoughts

Summer booms can be scary for your pet, and it’s important to be prepared. Be mindful of potential noise events and create a safe space for your pet to go when the event occurs. If you are struggling to get your pet’s anxiety under control, please give us a call at 262-770-3106. We are happy to set up an appointment and discuss additional options to provide your pet some relief. We hope these tips will help you reduce your pet’s anxiety and allow them to enjoy the summer months ahead.


Image credit: Pexels